Have some questions for us? Check out frequently asked questions below.

How do I work out my size?How-To-Measure-Diagram

This is the most frequently asked question, but the answer is fairly simple…

  1. To work out your size, get an equivalent type of garment that you currently wear and feel comfortable in. eg. if you’re working out your size for a polo shirt, don’t use a t-shirt, use a polo.
  2. Lay the garment flat on a table and measure from side to side, about 2.5cm below the armpit seam.
  3. This figure is referred to as the ‘half chest measurement’
  4. Use this figure to see where you fit on the size guide for that garment.
  5. If you’re in between sizes it’s probably best to go up a size, unless like most of us you’re ‘going’ to lose weight!

How do I place an order?

You can email, fax or phone through an order. We don’t use snail mail because that’s so 1990. We’ll need to know the quantity, colour, and size break ups of the products you require as well as what logo/s, colours and positions. There’s a few decisions to make and a lot of information to gather especially if it’s for a big group, but we can help you work all of this out.

How long will my order take?

Two weeks once we get your approval of the artwork and sizes (if required). Off shore production of custom and/or bulk orders can take 3-6 weeks but we’ll let you know.

Do you ship all over Australia?

Yes we do! It doesn’t matter where you live, we can send you samples and artwork approvals, then deliver your finished product exactly the way you imagined it would look.

Will you beat the price quoted from another supplier?

Our pricing structure is based on the level of customer service we provide.  We’re not in the business of getting into price wars.  When we quote our price we give you our best price the first time – we don’t price it high and then negotiate down.  We believe this is the most honest way to do business and saves your time and our time.

Can you send me samples?

As we offer such a huge range of products and colourways, there’s simply too many items to hold samples of everything. We can send samples, but we do charge. However you are welcome to return them to us to use in an order if you require screen printing or embroidery.